Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification is the perfect arena to recognize and inspire creativity in the students. It allows students to approach tasks and projects in new ways, working out solutions which result is a new way wherein students would not have seen, also helping you as a faculty to incorporate with your students creative process on a new level.

ACA certification offers your students a foundation for success by validating their digital skills, and offering you the ability to assess your student’s progress, engagement, and involvement.


There is a saying that opportunity knocks once. Wherein we slightly beg to differ. With Adobe® Certified Associate (ACA) certification, students are uniquely positioned for digital media opportunities in today’s challenging world.
So when opportunity (cleverly disguised as a hiring manager) knocks they’ll be ready. To give more clarity about our certification and uses is that they become Adobe® certified students retain what has been learned, which in turn ultimately reduces the time-to-productivity and become a great asset to the company with typically experience.
Simply stated, certified students are more attractive to potential employers and better prepared to hit the ground running on day-one of their new job.