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The HPE Education Services program is a world-class certification program benchmarked around the world to ensure validation of the technical and sales competencies with the expertise needed to plan, deploy, support and service HP technology and solutions. Since we incorporate with HP, henceforth we know HP products and technologies better than anybody, with experienced consultants, IT developers and instructors HP Education Services delivers quality global training services.

Ever-evolving technologies and wok approaches, is sky rocketing in the corporate world, the industrial landscape needs steady technical enhancements to cater to all kind of demands. Whether one is an engineering student or pursuing graduation/post-graduation everyone is familiar with ‘Summer/Winter Training’. The importance of these training is that it is the best way to learn and gain practical experience and understand concepts from the ground level.

Our methodology in our coursers is based on best practices and a blend of sophisticated infrastructure, with customized to meet the specific needs. For those looking to gain expert training, feel free to visit to have in depth to know about the difference between Rote and Conceptual Training.


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Certiport, a Pearson VUE business, is the leading provider of certification exam development, delivery and program management services delivered through an expansive network of over 14000 Certiport Authorized Testing Center worldwide. Certiport manages a sophisticated portfolio of leading certification programs

Value of Certification


As the world moves to a global economy with easier movement of employees and increased competition, there is a technology skills gap that can be found in almost all the countries.


The 2017 IT Skills and Salary Report from Global Knowledge confirms that skills gaps are a global concern. According the survey of 14,300 IT professionals worldwide, more than two-third of the IT decision-makers reported a gap between their team’s skill levels and the knowledge required to achieve organizational objectives.  The increased need to match employer wants with workforce skills points out the value of certification.


Particularly entry-level certification, helps to build a skilled workforce that meets the need of local employers and government tech initiatives.

Certification improves academic performance

Several studies show that students who have certification have an increased graduation rate, higher G.P.A., increased post-secondary enrollment and improved confidence.  The Florida Career and Professional Education department performance report in particular shows an average G.P.A. of 3.09 for students with certification compared to 2.72 for students without certification.  An impressive 97.2% of students with certification graduate compared to 83.9% of students without.

Certification makes a resume stand out.

Adobe asked current and aspiring digital media professionals about the essentials for launching a successful digital media career.  When asked what would make a digital media professional’s resume stand out in lieu of experience, 61% said a demonstrable knowledge of digital design tools and 44% said digital media certifications from a top-tier company. The entire survey field agreed that certifications can help candidates prove their skills to prospective employers.

In a Microsoft Certified Professional survey, 91% of hiring managers said they consider employee with certification as a criterion for hiring.

Meet Our Members


Chethan K N


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and PGDM in Information Technology, has 6 years of experience in IT Industry and 1 year in Education field. His focus has been largely on IT certification, operations and Training management.


Email: chethan@nexusedu.org

Ph:+91-7337792229 / 0821-4852962

Dilip Kumar K V


MTech in Electronics and Communication, has 5 Years of Teaching experience in engineering college and 1 year experience in IT industry. His focus has been largely on Marketing, Customer Relationship, Training Management.


Email: dilip@nexusedu.org

Ph:+91-7337792229 / 0821-4852962

Umesh Gowda

Technical Head

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication, has 4 years of experience in IT Industry and 2 year in Electronics field. His focus has been largely on development and Training.


Email: umesh@nexusedu.org

Ph:+91-7337792229 / 0821-4852962

Nandini Basavaraj Patil


Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication, has 2.5 years of experience in IT Industry mainly in Operations  and Software Testing Domain.


Email: nandini@nexusedu.org






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HPE Winter Training Program

The HPE Education Services program is a world-class certification program benchmarked around the world to ensure validation of the technical and sales competencies with the expertise needed to plan, deploy, support and service HP technology and solutions

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Microsoft Office Specialist Championship

The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship presented by Certiport, Inc. is a global competition that tests students’ skills on Microsoft Office Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® (2013 or 2016). Top students are invited to represent their respective countries at the World Championship. In some countries or regions, students are required to participate in a National Championship, and the winners of that event continue on to the World Championship.

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